June 6, 2010
My daughter ran across this little guy and scared her to death. I told her it was a centipede. But after looking online I am starting to doubt my self. This guy lacks the large antenna all the other centipedes have. And his rear end is a single appendage, compared to most other centipedes with a split tail. Any help IDing this guy would be very appreciated. Sorry about quality took pic with camera phone. Pic taken on Apr 30 2010
West Virginia


Hi Aaron,
The Hellgrammites are crawling out of the woodwork this year!!!  Actually, Hellgrammites do not live in woodwork, but the point we are making is that there is an unusually plentiful number of identification requests coming our way for both the larval form and the adult Dobsonfly.  We believe the Hellgrammite was the inspiration for the creature in the classic horror film, The Tingler starring Vincent Price.

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