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Giant Assassin Bug with large pinchers?
June 5, 2010
Ok, found this bug in our barn at Sealy, TX today. We do have cattle that go in there regularly and not sure if that helps. When I picked it up behind the head, it was snapping its pinchers and trying to possibly get me with its tail as well. To me it looks like a cross of a praying mantis and a large beetle with pinchers. I have it in a bug container, but not sure if I want to let it loose.
Sealy, TX


Hi Adam,
This male Dobsonfly is unable to use his formidable looking mandibles to bite humans.  The female Dobsonfly on the other hand, with her much more utilitarian mouthparts, is quite capable of biting.  We have heard that the male uses his saberlike mandibles to complete for a female, or in the mating process, but we have yet to see visual documentation of that claim.  Neither the male nor female Dobsonfly feeds as an adult.

Head of Male Dobsonfly

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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