A fly of about 1 cm. Bright yellow abdomen, brownish clear wings, slightly back curving antenae
June 5, 2010
On a rose bush in southern UK. A warm day, no wind. stayed on bush al day, gone at sundown – all three, see images
Richard Avery
Salisbury, Southern UK

Large Rose Sawflies

Hi Richard,
These are actually Sawflies, nonstinging relatives of wasps whose larvae often resemble caterpillars and when numerous, they are capable of defoliating trees and shrubs.  We don’t recognize this species and we will do some research to properly identify it.  The Bugs and Weeds website does not picture this species.

Daniel, Whoa, that was quick. I’ll wait for your species id. Thanks.

Now you have given me the heads up on sawflies I have investigated further and discovered it is ‘Arge pagana’ , the Large Rose Sawfly. Seeing the speckled larvae was an ‘Oh, right!!’ moment as I had seen them many times on my roses and never got around to identifying them.
Many thanks for your prompt and accurate info, guys like you make life so good!
regards from the UK

Hi again Richard,
We are glad we could help.  Thanks so much for writing back with the species name Arge pagana for the Large Rose Sawfly.  The Garden Safari website has excellent information on the Large Rose Sawfly.

Update:  July 27, 2014
Subject: Large Rose Sawfly
July 27, 2014 7:23 am
Thank you very much for identifying this bug for us. We found a few on our rose bush AFTER several leaves had been munched by what looked like caterpillars but which we now know are Sawfly larvae. Knowledge is power! Thank you again. Jen Murray, Biggin Hill, (southern) England, UK
Signature: Jen Murray

2 Responses to Large Rose Sawflies from UK

  1. Kat says:

    I have these on my roses in Sussex. They lay eggs in the stem of the rose and then all the little larvae eat my rose leaves and buds 🙁

  2. Dale says:

    How do I get rid of the sawflies the are eating all the new shoots on my penny lane rose?

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