June 2, 2010
We found this bug in our basement near the water heater. It seems to have 2 body sections and 2 sets of pincers, one large and one small set that seems to be under the other, the second pincers appear to be orange or red. It is all black. It has 6 legs and 2 long antenna. It also has 2 pair of short antenna that are under the pincers. This was all told to me by my 10 year old son, because I did not want to get too close!
Terry F.
Missouri, Near St. Louis

Ground Beetle: Scarites species

Hi Terry,
This is a Ground Beetle in the genus Scarites which is profiled on BugGuide.  They are nocturnal predators and not harmful to humans, though they might produce a painful pinch if carelessly handled.

3 Responses to Ground Beetle

  1. violet patterson says:

    this bug looks like a lighten bug but were a lighten bug is yellow it is red. It was on the outside last year but now there in the house. What can I do to rid them?

  2. Barbara G Duprey says:

    This insect looks like big ant body with clear wings and long tail that has pinchers on it. It’s body is big and black. What is it. It is about an inch an a half long..

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