Oklahoma Black Pincher Beetle
June 2, 2010
We are being invaded this June by these black beetles. About 1/2 inch or so long. They arrived shortly after the June bugs made their appearance. They seem to like the garage and shaded patio areas and find their way into the house now and then. I must have vacuumed up 100 of them from the garage this morning. They are pretty quick, and strong. The one I had in the aluminum self locking tweezers managed to drag the tweezer across the table. They have pinchers and it was trying to bite the tweezers.
Taking up defensive positions
Oklahoma City, OK

Ground Beetle

We believe this is a Ground Beetle in the genus Carabus, but we aren’t confident with matching the striation pattern on the elytra with any species represented on BugGuide.  We are going to solicit an opinion from Eric Eaton.

Correction from Eric Eaton
This looks like a species of Harpalus, maybe Harpalus caliginosus, a pretty large species for the genus (and very common, especially in the Midwest U.S.)..

Thanks Eric,
We will link to the Murky Ground Beetle, Harpalus caliginosus, on BugGuide.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

One Response to Murky Ground Beetle

  1. carpwoman says:

    I am finding these all over my apartment. Found one in my bed sheets this evening. Ick.

    Romeoville, IL

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