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Cricket Like Bug, Moves/Is Jittery like a Wasp
June 1, 2010
Dear Bugperson(s),
My boyfriend and I are long-time visitors of the site, and just love to see what bugs our fellow site-mates are observing around the world.
We have seen this type of bug here at our NW Houston home many times. This picture was taken in May, 2010. Often, we have observed them trying to get inside at our windows; frequently we have rescued them from an inside window. They fly in a zooming type of way, are very fast both walking and flying, and flick their tails in a downward motion. They are relatively easy to catch if not too far overhead. They appear brushfooted, are always dark grey to black. We have never observed them eating, or even more than one at a time. We affectionately refer to them as “crickety-things.”
With Gratitude for all you do, Sam and Sean Curotto
Houston, TX, USA

Ensign Wasp

Dear Sam and Sean,
This is an Ensign Wasp and it will not harm you or your home.  Ensign Wasps are parasitic, and the young wasp larvae feed on the contents of the ootheca, or egg cases, of Cockroaches.  Anything that naturally assists in the control of cockroaches in the home should be considered beneficial.

Thank you so much Bugman!  This is the best news, and we have new-found respect for these little guys.  I liked them before, just because they were bugs.  Now, they’re heroes, too!    Sam

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. carlton5 says:

    I never thought I would say I LOVE this bug. I have benn finding them in the house the past week. I identified it on your site. I released it back inside the house. Cockroaches and water bugs are the ones i hate the most. Go Buggy!!

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