Eastern Hurcules beetle
June 2, 2010
Eastern Hurcules beetle
I found this huge beetle in the parking lot. Location, Buford, GA. Released it to the woods.
Buford, GA

Male Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear Nobody,
Anyone who would rescue a Hercules Beetle from a parking lot where it was sure to be run over or stepped on is surely a somebody in our book.

2 Responses to Eastern Hercules Beetle

  1. jevansturner says:

    Found this on a sidewalk in Newnan, GA. It’s HUGE! Much bigger than any other beetle I’ve seen in GA. The guy was motionless unless I touched his back, but he still wouldn’t move away.

  2. Lynn says:

    We just today found one of these bugs. It is not moving but looks exactly like this pick. Any info on it? Not much on google!

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