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Strange looking beetles
May 29, 2010
These bugs were on the playset in my backyard. I live in Minnesota, have all my life, and have never seen anything like these before! I’m wondering what they are, and if they’re harmful in any way? The definitely look exotic! The first one is a little bigger than a ladybug, and the second is about the size of 3 ladybugs.
Woodbury MN

15 Spotted Lady Beetle Larva

Spiky, Spotted Snail thing??
May 30, 2010
My friend found this bug/snail/worm thing on her playset in her backyard. It looked so unique we asked many many people if they knew what it was. No one has been able to give an answer. What is this and is it harmful, useful, or just a bug?
Woodbury, MN

15 Spotted Lady Beetle Pupa

Dear Mandy and Appledoorn,
Since you both wrote to us with the same image, we are combining your letters into one posting.  The photos represent the larva and pupa of a Lady Beetle, but we need to do some research to try to identify the exact species.  We quickly matched the pupa to that of the 15 Spotted Lady Beetle based on a photo posted to BugGuide.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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