Beetle with headlights
May 29, 2010
We have dozens of this firefly zooming about in the jungle outside our house tonight. My daughter calls them headlight bugs. We are assuming Lampyridea family, but were wondering if we could get a more specific ID. As always our gratitude.
Balfate, Honduras (North Coast)

Glowing Click Beetle

Hi Brad,
Not all insects that glow are Fireflies in the family Lampyridea.  Glowworms in the family Phengodidae also glow, as do the distantly related Glowing Click Beetles in the genus Deilelater of the family Elateridae.  You can compare your specimen to images posted to BugGuide.  Your photos are quite wonderful.

Glowing Click Beetle

9 Responses to Glowing Click Beetle

  1. steiv says:

    I like the first photo a lot, specifically because it says “Asian steak” so close to the beetle.

  2. lizacoyote says:

    what the f*** is this what little i know of click beetles has just exploded in my face i like it though 😀

  3. amrith says:

    Hey, I saw one of these tonight, it was cool. I took some pics and then let him go. It really lights up the night, it emits a bright orange light when flying.

  4. Anthony says:

    I lived in Texas my whole life and always been outdoors, never have I seen this until tonight. Where are they from?

  5. Leroy Walther says:

    I’ve been watching fireflies or lightning bugs for 60 some years in Texas. Near the Gulf coast and now in the Texas hill country and had not seen the luminous click beetle flying till a couple of years ago. Several were flying around our back yard and it amazed me to find out they were click beetles. I so glad they are here and brighten up my evenings.

    • Dennis Pellot says:

      Just saw one on my leaving room floor. I let it outside, pretty cool with lit eyes. I am in Puerto Rico.

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