May 29, 2010
I started photography as a hobby few months ago and because of that I started to like butterfly. This butterfly photograph was taken today near my home. I don’t know its scientific name, actually I don’t know anything about bugs (butterfly).
I hope you can explain it to me. Thanks.
Firman Hadi
Bandung, Java, Indonesia

Plain Tiger

Hi Firman,
You have two different species of butterflies in your photos.  The one that is labeled ketahuan is a Milkweed Butterfly, and we quickly identified it as Danaus chrysippus on Wikipedia, where it is known as the Common Tiger.  This is a wide ranging species, and according to another website we found, tolweb.org, it is commonly called an African Queen.  TrekNature has a nice photo for comparison.  We identified your second butterfly as a Blue Pansy on the Butterflies Photo Gallery of Paul Riley website, but there is no scientific name.  Web searching the common name led us to another site of Butterflies in Indonesia and the scientific name Junonia orithya.  The TrekNature website also pictures this lovely species.  The blue coloration, from what we have read, is limited to the male.  Both the Plain Tiger and Blue Pansy are in the brush footed butterfly family Nymphalidae.

Blue Pansy

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for the information. Later I will find first from the website that you mention 😀
I think I am starting to love butterfly, more than birds .
Kind regards,
Firman Hadi.

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