Square Eyed Hornworm
May 29, 2010
Found this amazing and ugly fellow on a Vitex agnus-castus nibbling away. He was up high in the tree and I only saw one. It is May in Wharton, Texas. He is between 3 1/2″ and 4″ long. I haven’t a clue. I wish I was a better photographer. My neighbor took some pictures – if I get them (and they should be better) I will send them on. I looked through all of your hornworms and didn’t see him, but then again, maybe he isn’t a hornworm. Thanks so much for this site. I have used it sooooo many times.
Wharton, Texas

Hickory Horned Devil

Hi Carolyn,
This is extremely early in the year for us to receive a photo of a Hickory Horned Devil, the caterpillar of the Royal Walnut Moth.  Typically, we get the first Hickory Horned Devil photos around August.  The Hickory Horned Devil is not a Hornworm, but a rather one of the Silkworm Moths.

Hello Daniel!  Thank you so much for identifying the Hickory Horned Devil for me. I am so glad that he is a good guy and belongs here – even if he is a little early. I am attaching two photos from my neighbor, Kevin. They are delightful and I hope you enjoy them.  Thanks again. Carolyn

Hickory Horned Devil

Hi again Carolyn,
Thanks so much for sending more focused images.  Our readership will appreciate the clarity.

HIckory Horned Devil

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