Newly hatched insect
May 28, 2010
We live on the west coast of Mexico. This insect/larvae was protruding from the leg of a piece of wooden furniture on our patio late last night. It seemed to be hatching, and the “husk” it was hatching from had active legs. Its wings eventually dried and it flew away. It was about 2.5 inches long! THANKS!
Karen Knapp
12 km north of Puerto Vallarta, MX

Cicada Metamorphosis

Hi Karen,
Congratulations on your good fortune to witness the metamorphosis of a Cicada.


Oh Daniel, thanks for your quick response! It is such a beautiful creature, and its color was the freshest green I’ve ever seen. Quite a privilege to witness this – and to think that our dog almost ate it! That’s what drew our attention to it. We are about to enter our rainy season here, so the cicadas may play a role, right? Thanks again!

Hi again Karen,
Cicadas emerge during the summer months.  Your dog probably knows a good meal.  Cicadas are edible and they are high in nutritional value.

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