black bug reminds me of a lightening bug with no light
May 27, 2010
I have recently seen these black bugs in my home. it only started after it warmed up, which was later than expected here in michigan. i have 2 small children and am concerned if they were to get bitten.
Michigan, Mid

Soldier Beetle

Dear email,
This is some species of Soldier Beetle in the family Cantharidae, but we have not had much luck determining the exact species based on the images posted to BugGuide.    According to BugGuide:  “Adults eat nectar, pollen and in some cases other insects, particularly aphids.  Larvae are generally carnivorous and feed on small soft-bodied insects.
They will not harm your children.

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  1. Brittany Amaya says:

    This is a box elder box they aré harmless

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