What is this big intensely colored moth?
May 27, 2010
My father-in-law sent me this picture today with the following note: “On the lower garage door trim this morning was this large moth. The trim is 4 5/8″ wide so you can see how large it is. Quite a sight. Jean tried to find it in her insect book but no luck.”
Any thoughts? It is a beauty.
John Argentiero
Duluth, MN

Luna Moth

Hi John,
This is a Luna Moth, arguably the loveliest North American moth.  Each year, we like to chart the progress of the Luna Moth emergances from the northern climes.  Usually our first sightings are from Florida in February, and by late March, we get reports from Maine.  We believe this is the first report we have ever received from Minnesota.

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  1. ldave says:

    We live in Illinois, and we found one of these this morning around our back porch light. They are beautiful!

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