Found a odd looking critter
May 26, 2010
Just curious what type of insect this is. It looks like some sort of beetle but have never seen one before.
Glad it’s Summer!
Birmingham, AL

Giant Stag Beetle

Dear Glad,
The Giant Stag Beetle or American Stag Beetle, Lucanus elaphus, is quite a distinctive insect, especially the male with his impressive mandibles.  Your specimen is a male.  the females have significantly smaller mandibles.

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  1. Dave says:

    Edibility note:
    You could eat like the Romans did with this one. They’d find the grub living in wood [though, granted, I’m pretty sure I’ve found Lucanus grubs in compost also] and fatten them on flour-and-wine. Only the wealthy would be indulging in such a treat.


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