Bark Mimicing Grasshopper
May 27, 2010
Hi guys,
Nearly stood on this guy (Coryphistes ruricola). It didn’t move when I picked it up and I thought it was dead then it gripped onto my finger. When these are on a Wattle or Ironbark tree they are virtually impossible to see.
Queensland. Australia

Stem Grasshopper

Hi Trevor,
Thanks so much for sending us your wonderful images of Bark Mimicking Grasshopper.

Stem Grasshopper

Update and Correction:  January 24, 2014
We just received a correction from Matthew indicating that this Stem Grasshopper, Adreppus fallax, is easily confused with the Bark Mimicking Grasshopper.  A link to the Brisbane Insect Website provided some matching photographs.

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Location: Queensland, Australia

2 Responses to Stem Grasshopper, not Bark Mimicking Grasshopper from Australia

  1. Matthew says:

    This is actually a Stem Grasshopper (Adreppus fallax) and not a Bark Mimicking Grasshopper (Coryphistes ruricola). The two are closely related and are often confused (see

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