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Red winged Beetle?
May 24, 2010
I am not sure if this is a fly or a beetle as it does have wings, that are red. Can you tell em what this bug is?
Edmonton Alberta Canada

Scarlet Malachite Beetle

Hi Gary,
We spent about twenty minutes browsing the tribes and genera and species of Ground Beetles in the family Carabidae on BugGuide to no avail.  We need assistance in the proper identification of your unknown Ground Beetle.  Our best guess is that it may be in the subfamily Carabinae, also represented on BugGuide.

Correction thanks to Eric Eaton
Hi, Daniel:
Ok, well, maybe that is because it is not a ground beetle 🙂  The image, a very nice one, is of a “Scarlet Malachite Beetle” :
Thanks for sharing, regardless of whether you recognized it!

Ed. Note: This Scarlet Malachite Beetle represents a new family for us, the Soft Winged Flower Beetles in the family Melyridae, which is profiled on BugGuide which indicates they feed upon:  “chiefly insects but food preferences vary; adults evidently feed on flower-visiting insects and pollen, larvae are primarily predators of other insects.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Canada

5 Responses to Scarlet Malachite Beetle from Canada

  1. mardikavana says:

    Sorry guys but this is not even a ground beetle but actually a soft-winged flower beetle. More precisely Scarlet Malachite Beetle (Malachius aeneus)

  2. Jean Runyon says:

    I find malachite beetle larvae in my house (usually roaming around the bathtub) at this time of year. I move them outside, hoping they survive the winter in Alberta. Haven’t seen adults inside. Wonder why the larvae keep showing up – do the adults lay eggs in tub drains??

  3. Cynthia says:

    I am finding them 2 years in a row now either on the window sills or on the fridge ughhh Does anyone know if they’re harmful to pets or people? I can’t seem to find any information on them anywhere. Are they contaminating my home? 🙁 It’s just a bit alarming

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