Metallic Green Insect
May 24, 2010
Curious to know what this handsome bug is–his most outstanding feature is his vivid green color.
Evelyn Wolfer
Joshua, Texas (South Fort Worth)

Sweat Bee

Dear Evelyn,
There are several genera of Sweat Bees in the family Halictidae that have green metallic coloration, and we really haven’t the necessary skills to differentiate the genera much less the species.  BugGuide breaks down the categories quite nicely should you choose to pursue additional research.

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  1. J. Casey says:

    I live in northern Alabama and I’ve heard of/ seen black sweat bees before, but never any metallic ones. However, today I found a metallic green bug with a blue lower abdomen and black wings. When I tried to pick it up it curled into a ball. I’m sorry to say that bugs (in my house) tend to make me nervous and I quickly got rid of it, so I don’t have a picture. However, upon research it looked like a cuckoo wasp, but I don’t know if they live around here and I had never heard of one until today. Do sweat bees curl up? And do Cuckoo wasps live in Alabama?

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