Weird red/white beetle?
May 23, 2010
Dear Bugman,
I encountered these three interesting bugs (the red white beetle, the bug with the green legs, and the yellow caterpillar) during a visit to the smokey mountains last week. Any idea what those are?
Smoky Mountains National Park

Green Legged Grasshopper

Dear MB,
The red and white “beetle” you are curious about is actually an Oak Treehopper, Platycotis vittata, a species well represented on our website.  The photo that has us excited is the green legged insect, which we first believed might be a Carolina Oak Grasshopper, Dendrotettix zimmermanni, based on a single image posted to BugGuide that created quite a dialog regarding its proper identity.  We did additional research, and we are now relatively confident that your grasshopper is a Green Legged Grasshopper, Melanoplus viridipes, a species well represented on BugGuide.

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