White Peacock gets help
May 9, 2010
Hi Bugman. I took these white peacock pictures in October when I suddenly had about 200 of them nectaring and mating in my yard all at once. It was a gorgeous frenzy. The one in the photo had a malformed wing and was moving sluggishly. So, I put my hand in front of it and it climbed onto my finger. I took it from flower to flower for a couple of minutes and it nectared. Shortly after that it got an energy rush and starting flying around quickly with the others. Hope you like the photos. I can’t wait for the fall party this year!
Elizabeth from Orlando
Orlando, Fl.

White Peacock

Dear Elizabeth,
Your account of rescuing this White Peacock, Anartia jatrophae, is quite cheering.  The White Peacock is well represented on BugGuide.

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