Thought it was bird poo at first…
May 9, 2010
Dear Bugman,
I found this interesting moth today on the deck around my mother-in-law’s pool. I probably would have dismissed it as bird droppings, had there not been other moths in the area. Interesting defense mechanism, I assume?
Cassie Shaw
Cleveland, MS

Beautiful Wood Nymph

Dear Cassie,
WE are very happy that we took the time to look at our old mail dating from a brief trip to Ohio.  Your well camouflaged moth is a Beautiful Wood Nymph, Eudryas grata, which can be distinguished from its close relative, the Pearly Wood Nymph, Eudryas unio, because it is:  “larger than Pearly Wood-Nymph (E. unio), and the dark band along outer margin of forewing is smoothly curved on the inside, not scalloped as in E. unio
” according to BugGuide.

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