May 20, 2010
When I took the last of the fledgling Angelfish to Tropical Imports last week, all I had left were three gold Angelfish and the runt of the year.  Now they are living happily with their younger relatives.  I want to save all the gold Angelfish until I have a nice school of Goldies to sell for a higher price toward credit for food.

Golden Angelfish

I don’t like naming the Fledglings since I am just getting rid of them, but I am thinking of naming one of these beauties Paris.

Golden Angelfish

15 + 45 = 60 Small Fry in the Grow Out Aquarium
May 21, 2010
I just moved 15 more fry from the birthsite aquarium to the grow-out aquarium.

15 + 60 = 75
May 22, 2010
I moved 15 additional small fry today to make a total of 75 small fry and 4 older relatives in the grow out aquarium.  The largest of the small fry are just about ready to be taken to Tropical Imports at $1 credit each.

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