can anyone tell me what this is?
May 20, 2010
Hi, I found your site recently and have found it really interesting and informative. I live in Bulgaria and have become amazed by the amount of different bugs here. This could be the first of many insects that I need help identifying, it was in my garden today and is the first I have seen like this.

Checkered Beetle

Dear DJ,
WE are quite certain that this is a Checkered Beetle in the family Cleridae, but we don’t know the species.  BugGuide, one of our favorite sources of identification, has information on the family, including this description:  “Body usually long and narrow, covered with bristly hairs and often marked with red, orange, yellow, or blue.
We believe we have identified your Checkered Beetle as Clerus mutillarius on the BioLib website.  According to the TrekNature website:  “The beetle breeds under loose bark, mainly on conifer trees, where both adults and larvae feed on the grubs of other beetles, especially bark beetles.”  According to Wikipedia, Clerus mutillarius appeared on a postage stamp for the German Democratic Republic in 1968.

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