ID this for me please, so I can impress my girlfriend!!
May 19, 2010
This lil gem was found on a very large cinnamon fern in Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN. He’s approx. 1″ long in the body, not including the legs. Maybe it’s a she? seems quite feminine, but what do I know. May 17. 2010. It would be a serious coup if I could get an identification before my girl does, so please help!!
Alfred Crabtree
Fall Creek Falls State Park, TN.

Nursery Web Spider

Dear Alfred,
We think it is just awesome that you want to identify a spider to impress your girlfriend.  This is a Nursery Web Spider, Pisaurina mira.  The family Pisauridae also contains the Fishing Spiders.  Female Nursery Web Spiders carry their egg sacs in their chelicerae or fangs until they find a suitable location to construct the Nursery Web.  They then guard their young until the spiderlings begin to disperse.  Your individual is a female.  BugGuide has some great photos that document this behavior.

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