Nasty emails
May 8, 2010
LOL—OMG!! YOu poor folks….I am working three jobs now to make ends meet, and trust me, I have favorited it to return and read each and every item there. I only want to know: Where are these nutjobs? They should have GPS trackers so we can avoid them when a signal is received.
Hang in there, your works are great!
Margo Rose
SW Florida

Butterfly Garden

Hi Margo,
We are catching up on some old letters from when we were out of the office, and we got tremendous glee from reading your letter.  Our Nasty Reader section grew out of the rudeness we experience occasionally.  We must say that the vast majority of our readers are kind and gentle folks who show us great respect and appreciation, but occasionally a real piece of work crawls out of the woodwork to push our buttons.  Then we put them on blast for some public humiliation.

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