Bug dragging young?
May 19, 2010
I was hoping you could help with this. I unearthed it digging out a Hell-Strip in Austin Texas. It looks like a huge pill-bug but more “roachy”. And is that a baby it is dragging around behind it?
Austin, Texsa

Boll's Sand Roach

Dear ESP,
This fascinating creature is a female Boll’s Sand Roach, Arenivaga bolliana, a species represented on BugGuide by a few photographs.  The information page on BugGuide indicates:  “The downy females have no wings and burrow in the dust under houses and in natural rock shelters where they feed on packrat droppings.
”  This is not a Cockroach species that infests homes.  We also located the AllPet Roaches Forum that has some discussion on Boll’s Sand Roach.  This female is dragging her ootheca or egg case, a behavior pattern characteristic of most Cockroaches.

Thank you so much for the ID Daniel, really appreciated. Please follow up
on my blog, and my next post… I have linked to your services.

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