What type of grub / larve is this?
May 17, 2010
A few nites ago I was splitting some logs I picked up a few years back from a clearing for the powerlines. I split this log and it basicallyshattered into a bunch of pieces. One of those peices contained a hollowed out tubular section. This is what initially caught my eye. I was curious and bent over to investigate. It was at that point I looked down to my amazement that there was a grub/larve hidden in this wet rotted log. The grub was over 3 inches long and had a pair of pincers similar to a beak on a squid. It burrowed a tube like hole throughout the length of the log. And probably was quite content until I came a long.
David in Mashpee, Massachusetts
Cape Cod Massachusetts

Bycid Grub

Hi David,
Your photo is not ideal for an exact identification, but we believe this is the Grub of one of the Longhorned Borers in the family Cerambycidae, and most likely a member of the subfamily Prioninae.  There is a nice photo for comparison purposes on BugGuide.

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