What’s This Bug
May 16, 2010
I live in Roanoke Rapids, NC which is right on I95 just before you reach the VA border. It has been in the 90s the last couple of days. When I returned home today from Weekend College my wife showed me two colonies of these bugs. What kind of bug are they? and do I have to worry about them?
Howard L. Bethany
Roanoke Rapids, NC

Eastern Boxelder Bugs

Hi Howard,
This is an aggregation of Eastern Boxelder Bugs, Boisea trivittata.  Both the winged adults and wingless nymphs feed on the seeds of boxelder and maples, but they do not harm the trees.  Most of our reports come in the autumn when large aggregations are formed and the adults sometimes enter homes to hibernate.  When Boxelder Bugs are extremely plentiful, they can be a nuisance, but they are not cause for alarm.  You can read more about Boxelder Bugs on Bugguide.

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