Longhorn Beetle
May 17, 2010
I am sure its a longhorn beetle I just dont know its scientific or common name. I would really appreciate the genus and species as well and the common one. Thank you so much.

Unknown Longicorn

Hi Alyssa,
We haven’t the time to research your genus, species, common name request at the moment because we are rushing out to a local issues meeting to speak out in opposition to a request to trap coyotes in nearby Elyria Canyon Park.  Perhaps we will have time when we return, or perhaps one or our readers will be able to supply an answer.  Upon doing a bit of research, it appears superficially like Batocera wallacei based on a photo on the Photogallery of cerambycid beetles of the genus Batocera website, but the front legs on your beetle are much longer.

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  1. kkroeker says:

    Hi Daniel. I also did some searching but could find nothing closer than what you have already suggested, Wallace’s Longhorn (Batocera wallacei). It would be useful to know where this one was found since the range appears to be Australia (Cape York), the island of New Guinea and eastern Indonesia (Moluccas or Maluku Islands). If this one was photographed west of that then it may still be something else, though probably a Batocera of some sort. Wallace’s longhorn is the largest beetle in Australia, ranging from 55 to 85 mm, so that would fit with Alyssa’s photo (that’s a very impressive beetle!). The length of the antennae and forelegs appears variable when you compare the images on the internet. It could just be the way the beetle is positioned, or there could be some regional variability, and there is certainly some sexual dimorphism (males have longer antennae and forelegs). The color patterns are also quite variable. Here are a few more links:


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