A strange one to me
May 15, 2010
Hello Daniel,
Never saw one like this before. Three of them were beside and beneath a small snake that had gotten killed by the lawnmower a few days ago. Two appeared to be mateing I moved the little snake with a stick to get a better photo and they scattered in three different directions. They look to have wings but did not attempt to fly instead they wanted to hid beneath the grass. They all were very shy, First glance I thought they were bumble bees from their size and color. But after a closer look they clearly are not. I hope you can help with this one as I don’t have a clue. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
North Middle Tennessee

American Carrion Beetle

American Carrion Beetle
Hi Daniel,
I sent a request for an ID along with two images this afternoon…I have since identified it from “Bug Guide” and your website as an “American Carrion Beetle” I should have did some searching before submitting my request. Thanks again and I hope this e-mail gets to you before you go to any trouble with my request. Have a wonderful day.

American Carrion Beetle

Hi Richard,
We do not consider answering and posting letters to be trouble, and we are most pleased to hear about readers like you who use our resources as well as those on BugGuide to identify creatures they are curious about.  Your letter and photos of the American Carrion Beetle, Necrophila americana, are a wonderful addition to our site archives.

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  1. Maria says:

    Can you tell me more abou this bug. I only found one & he was very friendly. I’m in Arkansas. He was eating dry dog food.

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