Flying orange head gray wing bug
May 15, 2010
Hello, I live in southern California in an area with a lot of trees. As soon as the weather became warm, I have been finding these insects around my house. It has a small orange head with black beady eyes the size of a pen mark. It has two antennas, and six legs. Its legs almost remind me of a cockroach. Lastly it’s body is no more than 1/8in wide and about .5-1in long in the shape of a rectangle. Its wings do not taper off instead ends like a rectangle.
Los Angeles, ca

Brown Leatherwing Carnage

Dear Sharon,
In an effort to educate our readership and to promote tolerance of beneficial insects that pose no threat to humans, we created an Unnecessary Carnage tag for letters like yours.  This Brown Leatherwing appears to have been squashed in a paper towel.  The Brown Leatherwing, Pacificanthia consors and formerly Cantharis consors, is a species of Soldier Beetle and adults are frequently attracted to porch lights in southern California.  Keeping the porch light off at night will conserve energy as well as eliminate the number of Brown Leatherwings that enter your home.  Soldier Beetles are predators, and the Brown Leatherwing feeds upon other insects.

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