What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

May 14, 2010
Yesterday, just as I were preparing to leave the house for an important Land Use meeting, I witnessed an horrific scene in the community aquarium.  I had wondered why Boris and Media Luna had not laid any eggs since the introduction of the 8 fledgling adolescent Angelfish into their tank about a month ago.  I thought that perhaps the increase in the species population had upset their reproductive clocks, but I was wrong.  The reason was quickly revealed.
After a partial water change, Media Luna began to lay eggs on the filter intake while Boris chased away the other fish.  Young Angelfish have ravenous appetites, and they will eat twenty times a day if fed that many times.  The fledglings were not being intimidated by the larger mated pair, and with each row of eggs, several youngsters would sneak in and eat the eggs.  The pair had no problems chasing away tetras and rams, but their younger relatives were like a pack of wolves, patiently waiting for a hole in the defense line to swim through before devouring the fresh caviar.  If I want to raise more youngsters, I need to take these 8 beautiful fledglings to Tropical Imports.  At this point, I hope to get a better price (credit toward food) as they are nearing sexual maturity.  Alas, there are no photos to accompany the carnage.

Community Aquarium

May 15, 2010
I moved 10 additional small fry out of the aquarium with Lefty and Digitalis and placed them in the grow out aquarium.  I have now moved 45 small fry and it seems that close to 45 still remain with the parents.  I want to take the 8 adolescents to Tropical Imports today, and I hope to get an exchange rate of $4.00 per fish to apply towards all the food I need.

Boris (right), Media Luna and the Adolescents

Since I took photos to show how large the fry born last August have grown, I can try to catch them and transport them today.

Medea Luna and Adolescents

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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