neet black beetle
May 13, 2010
This handsome guy was hiding under some matted grass in my back yard. He is about the size of a finger nail and can move quickly when he wants too. When he got tired of shying away from my camera he curled into a defensive posture, image included.
My question is what kind of beetle is this and what can you tell me about him. Thank you for your site and your time.
Beau bugs
north Idaho U.S.A.

Unknown Carrion Beetle

Dear Beau bugs,
WE believe, but we are not certain, that this is a Carrion Beetle in the Family Silphidae.  We cannot find a match on BugGuide, so we have decided to contact Eric Eaton directly.  We really love the insect behavior photo you have provided.  That is one limber beetle.

Unknown Carrion Beetle

Eric Eaton confirms the Carrion Beetle identification
Hi, Daniel!  Hope you had a great trip to see mom for Mother’s Day 🙂
Yes, the carrion beetle is just that, and probably Heterosilpha ramosa given the Pacific Northwest location.  It is pretty common there.

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