Unknown bug looks like some type of spider.
May 13, 2010
Hi, my name is nick and I live in the Inland part of California that is still very much so a desert despite the heavy population and unnatural vegetation and irrigation that comes with it. I was cleaning up after doing some automotive work in my driveway at about 9:00 PM and saw this little critter going up my driveway into my garage. At a glance I thought it may be a Katydid or Cricket but when I looked closer I knew that it couldn’t be either of those. I decided to capture him as I have never encountered such an insect before. To be quite honest I am quite intimidated by this jumpy critter. Haha If it is of any help at all, he was crawling along with a few earwigs, which are extremely common in this area. There is an expansive range of hills located within a blo ck of my neighborhood and it is home to many types of birds, insects and snakes. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me and my brother some insight as to what this interesting and frightening creature is. Thank you for your time.
Northwestern America United States California

Sun Spider

Dear Nick,
We absolutely love Solpugids, commonly called Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions.  The lighting and composition on your photo is quite elegant.

Sun Spider

Dear Daniel,
I appreciate your rapid response to my question, and thank you for complementing my camera work.  The little guy certainly isn’t so scary now that I’ve learned the nature of these spiders.  The solifugae order certainly has an extensive and interesting history, and I am glad to know that they are not venomous or flesh eating for that matter!  Haha I had a hard time photographing the little bugger so I transferred him from the container I originally captured him with into a checkbook carton covered with plastic wrap, I then put a 15watt fluorescent desk lamp over the carton, and about 20 pictures later I had 2 that were usable.  After I was done I let him go in my backyard, and watched him scurry away at an impressing rate of speed.  I can fully appreciate him now that I know more about him, and I definitely look forward to seeing more of these guys as the weather warms up.  I appreciate your time, and thank you for providing such a valuable resource to the world!

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  1. LADove says:

    Thank goodness for the Internet! I found this same “insect” (bug or spider or arachnid) in my home in north eastern Nevada! I was able to catch it,….hold it,…until we could identify it based on the information provided from this site. And….since my mind was put at ease,…I was able to neatly release this sun spider/wind scorpion outdoors to live out its life cycle! Thanks!

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