Costa Rican Mystery Spider. Orb Weaver?
May 12, 2010
Found this particular crawler in central Costa Rica, the web was about a meter off of the ground in the jungle. I can’t even describe how bright the lime green/yellow was on the abdomen. Something about it suggests an orb weaver (of unknown genus) to me. But I’m no expert.
Mike Cleveland
Central Costa Rica

Unidentified Orbweaver from Costa Rica

Dear Mike,
We agree that this is an Orbweaver, and it sure is gorgeous, but we are uncertain of the species.  We haven’t the time to research this right now, but we will post it as unidentified and hopefully our readership may have some suggestions.

Hi Daniel and Mike:
I photographed this same species when I was in Costa Rica this past winter (Osa Peninsula) and although I haven’t nailed down an identification yet I believe I am fairly close. I am fairly certain the genus is Eriophora (=Epeira) and the species may be E. nephiloides (Guatemala to Guyana). The one I found was located on the path to our cabina so I was able to observe it for several days. Its web was situated about a meter off the ground like yours, and I too was struck by the brilliant colors (the color can be quite variable and there is likely some sexual dimorphism as well). Such brightly colored spiders are usually diurnal but this one always remained well hidden during the day and only took up its position on the web at night. I noticed your photo looks like it may have been a flash shot, so perhaps yours was displaying similar behavior. I hope to find out a little more about it. Thanks for sharing the great photo.  K


Location: Costa Rica

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  1. moonlittrails says:

    I too have photos of this spider, and a similar one which I’m not sure is the same. I found this “official” page:

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