Unknown Colorful Beetle In Arizona
May 13, 2010
I found the following bug crawling on the leaves of a sunflower in my school garden today (May 13, 2010). The bug is red, black and yellow, and I have searched the internet and can’t find it. It had two antenna and what looked like a downward-turned horn (very skinny). It stood still while we took a picture of it, then flew to a nearby tree. The weather was sunny.
Mr. Bane’s Class
Glendale, AZ

Yellow Bellied Bee Assassin

Dear Mr. Bane’s Class,
Though it looks like a beetle, this is a True Bug.  Beetles have complete metamorphosis and chewing mouth parts. True Bugs have incomplete metamorphosis and piercing mouth parts.  More specifically, this is an Assassin Bug in the family Reduviidae.  It is known as a Bee Assassin in the genus Apiomeris, and though the under belly is not visible, we believe it to be a Yellow Bellied Bee Assassin, Apiomerus flaviventris which we identified on BugGuide.  Another possibility presented on BugGuide is that this might be a Bee Assassin, Apiomerus spissipes which also lives in Arizona.  We believe it is the former species because of the yellow coloration as the latter appears to have more white in its markings.

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  1. drswanny says:

    You are correct that this is Apiomerus flaviventris.

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