Mayflies in………May (imagine that)
May 6, 2010
These bad boys have been covering the walls outside my garage every night for the last 3 nights (it’s May 6th) and in the morning all but a few are dead. I have to get the leaf blower out to clear them out. The cat seems to enjoy playing with them though.
Jeff in the Panhandle of FL.
Baker, FL.


Hi Jeff,
YOur photo is really stunning.  We have read that Mayflies can get so numerous in the Great Lakes region that when they are attracted to street lights and fall to the ground, the pavement is slippery with their squashed bodies.  When Mayflies swarm, they are a very important food source for fish and other wildlife.  We are setting your letter to post in our absence on Monday, and it will be the only letter that posts that day.


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  1. Daybreaker says:

    Hehe, I remember a family camping trip up around one of the lakes. During the night I got up to use the campground’s bathroom. I didn’t use a flashlight. There was kind of a crunch every time I took a step. Crunch, crunch, crunch, every step, all the way there…I was horrified once I reached the bathroom (which had lights). These bugs COATED the walls and floor (my parents have pictures, somewhere). Quite the traumatic experience for a 12-year-old who was not wearing shoes at the time. Nowadays, I almost never go outside barefoot.

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