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Freaky orange thang with too many legs!
May 7, 2010
found this freaky bug scurrying on the ground in my house. we live in the desert of baja. it has a big pincher mouth, orangish yet translucent coloring, long legs, two beady black eyes dotted on top of the head, a smaller abdomen and too many legs and just 2 body parts! is this in the spider family? in total, the bug was about the size of a paperclip with long legs. my first instinct was termite, but i googled pictures of termites and it just seems to have a smaller abdomen than most and too many legs!
Baja Bug Girl
San Felipe, Baja California


Dear Baja Bug Girl,
This shy, nocturnal predator is a Solpugid, a fierce hunter that poses no threat to humans since it lacks venom, unlike its Arachnid relatives like spiders and scorpions.  Solpugids have numerous common names including Sun Spiders, Wind Scorpions, Camel Spiders (in the Middle East) and Sand Puppies.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. jose cervantes says:

    Please help to id. this insect.
    were can a send you a picture?

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