Big, bad Bulgarian bug.
May 5, 2010
Dear Bugman,
My friend found this wasp-like creature at her house in Bulgaria. I have been considering visiting her, but I’m just not so sure anymore. The beast is around 4 inches long. I have Googled manically, but with no luck. What is it?
Zmeevo, Bulgaria

Mole Cricket

HI Anna,
If avoiding Mole Crickets like the one in the photo is your only reason for not visiting Bulgaria, or staying any place for that matter, then you may want to consider relocating to Antarctica.  Mole Crickets are found throughout the world, and they are harmless creatures that spend most of their lives underground.  Many species can fly and they are attracted to lights.

Hi Daniel,
Oh, I was really just joking – I’m not freaked out by bugs, I just wondered what it was – mole crickets are incredibly rare in Sweden (where I spend most of my garden quality time) and it would be an enormous treat to see one. I remember it from my insect book, but the picture is from a different angle. Very excited and grateful to receive such a helpful and quick reply!
All the best from Rome,

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