Daughter’s First Pet
May 1, 2010
Please answer soon! This is my 5 year-old’s beloved first pet, “Fly-ey.” It goes with her everywhere! What kind is it and how should we care for it? What is its life expectancy? Can you think of any other critter that would be compatible as a friend? Thanks!
Erin Hobbs
Alpharetta, GA

Long Legged Fly

Daughter’s First Pet
May 3, 2010
I sent an email a couple days ago about my 5 year-old’s pet fly. Unfortunately, Fly-ey passed away Monday morning. Many tears were shed, but I hope the love of science continues.
Erin Hobbs
Alpharetta, GA

Hi Erin,
You have our condolences.  We are also sorry we did not write back sooner, but it is impossible for our tiny staff to handle all the mail we receive.  It appears that your daughter’s pet was a Long Legged Fly in the family Dolichopodidae, and there are many images on BugGuide.  Since they are predatory, you might have had a hard time feeding this pet.

Correction thanks to Eric Eaton
May 7, 2010
Hi, Daniel:
Saw the note about Mother’s Day, and am delighted you are taking the well-deserved time off! Congrats on the book, too.  Let me know when it comes out and I’ll blog about it….
Meanwhile, the “longlegged fly” posted May 1 is actually some type of snipe fly, family Rhagionidae.  Easy to get the two confused.

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