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What kind of bug is this
May 4, 2010
These bugs have a sting that creates swelling, pain with hot sensation, followed by itchyness. The bug is located on the Luzon Island of the Philippines.
Al Jolie
Tarlac, Philippines. Luzon Island

Corsair Assassin Bugs

Hi Al,
These are Assassin Bugs, and they appear to be Corsairs in the subfamily Peiratinae.  BugGuide has information on the Corsairs, but the website is devoted to North American species.  BugGuide does note:  “Members of this subfamily are known for their notoriously painful bites.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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One Response to Corsair from Philippines

  1. W.J. Andujar says:

    Wow, little bugger hurts! While visiting my wife’s family I got bitten by one. I thought it was a beatle and grabbed it out of the food on a table and it bite me, felt like fire! Put ice on it and it helped, was still hurting for awhile, but not as much. Little bugger is a nasty pain generators

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