Concrete bugs? Termites
May 1, 2010
Concrete bugs? Termites
• Your letter to the bugman    I recently noticed a big spot of bugs congregating on my concrete steps. I thought they may be termites, but do not see any wings. Also saw a collection of them all over a piece of lava rock.
South Florida


Hi Derek,
There are harmless immature Barklice in the genus Cerastipsocus, also called Tree Cattle.  Their presence on the concrete is a mystery.  They are generally found on trees where they eat lichen.  You may compare them to images on BugGuide as well as read more detailed information on the University of Florida Horticulture website where they are identified as Archipsocus nomas.  When they are adults, they will have grown wings which hide the bold striped pattern of the nymphs.

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