Unknown Grasshopper from Pakistan is Pradka Grasshopper

Grasshopper Identification May 30, 2010 After a lot of useless search on the net, I’m going to post the picture of this grasshopper for identification. It’s commonly found in the months of August and September. Mainly feed on plant “Urochloa maxima” in family Poaceae. Any help in identification will be highly appreciate. birdy Pakistan, NWFP … Read more

Golden Backed Snipe Fly

Horse Fly-esque? May 30, 2010 I saw this thing back in our woods this morning crawling in the dirt. I went back in the afternoon with a camera and saw it siiting on this leaf. Got one photo before it flew. Searched and liken it to a horsefly, but have not seen any photos with … Read more

Common Whitetail Dragonflies

Dragonflies 31, 2010 Hi Daniel Here are two photos of dragonflies taken today. I noticed one has much more white, I have been wondering if one is male and the other female or are they two different species? Thanks You very much and have a wonderful day. Richard North Middle Tennessee Dear Richard, Both of … Read more


Unusual “Centipede”? May 30, 2010 I went camping with a troupe of friends and relatives. My friend and I went out for a walk while the others stayed behind at the cabin – on our return they beckoned us over to a cup where they produced this monstrosity. Apparently, while we were gone, this bug … Read more

Oil Beetle

Large Black Articulated Bug May 30, 2010 This was found digging in some sandy soil on the St. Mary’s River floodplain. There appeared to be another one in the hole beneath it. It was close to an inch long. Ideaphore Waternish, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada Dear Ideaphore, This large Blister Beetle in the genus … Read more