Please identify this insect pod?
April 29, 2010
Bugman, I turned up this pod in a small garden plot in my backyard in NW Arkansas. I thought it might be a pod of a Cicada, but could not find anything on the internet to identify it. Your help would be appreciated.
Charlie McKinnie
North West Arkansas (Holiday Island)

Sphinx Moth Pupa

Hi Charlie,
This is the pupa of a Sphinx Moth, most likely one of the species in the genus Manduca that have caterpillars which feed upon the leaves of tomato plants.  After gorging on leaves for a few weeks, the caterpillar buries itself an pupates.

2 Responses to Sphinx Moth Pupa

  1. I have seen that type in our yard. I can post the hatched adult photo.

  2. Reese Law says:

    I live in Arizona, and have never seen a pupa pod like this until yesterday. It was on the ground and honestly looks exactly like the picture above. How can I tell if it is alive, and how long does it usually take for the caterpillar to crawl out? I’m very interested! I have only seen a moth pod like this on “Silence of the Lambs”! Lol!

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