Some more great bugs from PNG
April 30, 2010
There are so many awesome bugs here in Papua New Guinea, and I know we’ve only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here are a few we thought you would like to see.
The first is called, at least locally, a “Christmas spider.” Perhaps you can identify it? They’re rather small – the largest being only about an inch across. The second, some kind of leaf bug? It was about 3″ long, not including antennae. The third, a borer, also about 3″ long not including antennae, which had a spread of about 8″. The spider and leaf bug were photographed near Madang and the borer was photographed in Buka, Bougainville. Enjoy!!
Papua New Guinea

Christmas Spider is Crablike Spiny Orbweaver

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your numerous lovely photos.  It really mucks up our archives if we include radically different categories of bugs in a single posting, so we are only posting your photo of the Christmas Spider, probably in the genus Gasteracantha, also known as the Crablike Spiny Orbweavers or Jewel Spiders.  The Brisbane Insect website has a page devoted to a different but similar species.

So sorry I mucked up your archives!!  I just thought you might like to have the pics.  J  Did you get my first message?  It seemed to bounce back, but it was unclear and I thought it was just my “send me a copy of this email” selection.  It had some really great pictures of a PNG bagworm – impressive little thing.  Its bag is 8” long!  I’ll resend if you didn’t get it.

Hi again Sharon,
First we apologize if you thought we were upset.  We just wanted you to know that we were going to be posting your images independently and not en masse.  Posting them separately keeps the archives from getting mucked up, though they are already an unfathomable jumble.

No no no!  I didn’t think you were upset, and I wasn’t upset.  I only thought the error I received coupled with not hearing back about the bagworm probably meant that the message didn’t go through (thus the second attempt).  I’ll leave you alone now!  J  Thanks for helping identify!

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