Spider like ants with orange abdomens
April 27, 2010
Hi, Im sorry if this email was sent twice, I’m not sure if the first sent, my pc is acting up. Anyway, I took these pics in April of 2010, these ants were found on a small willow tree in my yard. They have been more or less in the same spot, around a honey comb looking structure on the tree for several days. At first I thought they were spiders, untill I noticed only 6 legs instead of 8.
Chris M
North East Texas, west of Fort Worth

Wheel Bug Hatchlings

Hi Chris,
Each spring we get numerous images of Wheel Bug hatchlings, but your photos might be the best ever.  The Wheel Bug is North America’s largest Assassin Bug.

Wheel Bug Hatchlings

Daniel Marlos,
Thank you very much, not only for sharing your information and replying so quickly, but also for your complement on my photos. I actually took those pics on a cheap 80-90 dollar digital camera.
I take many pictures of insects that I have never seen before now that I live in Texas. And now that I found your site, I’m sure I’ll be sending more.
Thank you once again.
Chris M

Hi again Chris,
We often tell our photography students, that though it is great to have wonderful equipment and state of the art technology, it is far more important to be a talented and aware photographer.  We look forward to getting future submissions, but keep post-production manipulation to a minimum.

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