one of MANY bugs in my yard
April 25, 2010
Hi and thanks for providing such an informative website! I live on acreage (digger pines and oaks) in the Sierra foothills and have noticed a BUNCH of these bugs milling about. What the heck are they? I am allergic to the Western Bloodsucking Conenose but don’t think that this one bites. Well, at least it hasn’t bit me yet. I noticed these guys in the spring-like weather. Any information is much appreciated. ALSO, just so you know, the dent on this bug’s back was not caused by my hand (or foot) – don’t know how it received it’s injury but that hasn’t impeded it’s ability to get around at all. Thanks again!
Penn Valley, CA

Bordered Plant Bug

Hi Pam,
Your bug is a Bordered Plant Bug in the family Largidae and the genus Largus, and it is most likely Largus californicus.  According to BugGuide it feeds upon:
Mostly plants (flowers, leaves, fruit) from a range of families, with a preference for Lupines. L. californicus is not considered a ‘pest species’ of economic importance.

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