Are these termites?
April 23, 2010
We have these small bugs. They are less than an inch long. They have blackish bodies and 2 pairs of white/clear wings. They smarmed today, and it’s raining. Last spring they swarmed on day. It seemed like it was raining then. They are all over the attic. My dad set up a bug bomb up there and they cleared out temporarily. But I wanted to be sure that these are termites.
Southeast Missouri

Termite Alates

Dear LM,
Your suspicions that these are Termites is correct.  They are the winged reproductive Aletes that often swarm after rain to mate and set up new colonies.  While the bug bomb your father set off may have killed these Alates, it is very doubtful that the pesticide has penetrated to the colony.  A professional should be consulted.

Spelling Correction thanks to Eric Eaton
The April 23 post of “termite aletes” should have read “termite alates,” with another “a.”  That is the term for winged reproductives of termites and ants.

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