moth with pointy parts
April 24, 2010
This moth was stuck to the screen door. Located in Maryland, about 65 degrees out, partly cloudy day, around 10 am. Photos are included. It had pointy antennae on the head and very interesting wings- very bat-like and leathery. Reddish color. The wings look like bat wings or like 70’s bell bottoms- wide and unusual. I’m a science teacher and this one totally baffled me!
From, Megan (and Buddy the dog in the background)
Damascus, Maryland

Small Eyed Sphinx

Hi Megan,
Your photo is so funny and amusing, we had to post it.  this is a Small Eyed Sphinx, Paonias myops, and you may read more about the species in our archives and on Bill Oehlke’s excellent website.

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