A longhorn beetle?
April 23, 2010
Hello. This cute little guy flew into my house at night. The “fern” like legs are very attractive. it’s about half an inch long with fuzzy brownish grey wings, and a red head. I wonder if it’s a type of longhorn beetle? thanks in advance for your help!

Brown Leatherwing

Hi Katie,
We have been seeing these Brown Leatherwings, Pacificanthia consors, formerly Cantharis consors, on our own front porch windows where they are attracted to the porch light.  Though the antennae of the Brown Leatherwing are long, they are not Longhorned Beetles, but rather, Soldier Beetles in the family Cantharidae.

Brown Leatherwing

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  1. marny says:

    We are noticing a bug that looks like a brown leatherwing bug in abundance that flies and crawls
    and also looks like it is mating as we often see them ajoined.
    We have been told it is called some kind of a BOX—— beatle
    Do you know where they have come from and what they do to gardens. Also what can we do to rid ourselves of them as you cannot sit outside without at least 10 or 12 crawling on you patio at one time. Please help us as we love to sit outside. Thankyou Marny

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